The Why

Dementia is an umbrella term for conditions which affect cognitive functions, which can include memory, reasoning, and communication skills. This can range from progressive dementias such as alziemers disease, to traumatic brain injuries. Symptoms can be so sever that they inhibit normal living and can cause depression, anxiety and paranoa. Research has shown that the progression of dementia in many cases can be slowed down significantly with user input. This product looks to mainly address mental stimulation and social interaction as a solution.

The 2020 NZ Dementia Econonomic Report outlines that 1.4% of NZ residents had dementia in 2020, and that number is expected to rise to 2.7% by 2050.


The What

re:Yesterday is a mobile app that aims to track the cognitive ability and symptom progression of people with dementia, and provide a channel of passive autonomous communication between them and their support network.

  • The app will integrate into the daily routine of patients, becoming a regular tool for support, where active participation will be prompted and required, exciting continuous cognitive function.
  • This app also offers a bidirectional feed of relevant, formatted information between the patient and custom groups to encourage an active support network.


The How

Further information will be provided after the relevant steps have been made to protect and retain IP.


The Team

Both members of the team work in the technology sector and have software experience.

Strath McKenzie: Has a background in Mechatronics, biomedical technology, and electrical research. Working for much of his professional career with strart-ups & innovators.

Gapjae Jeikal: Has a background in Computer Science, web development, and full-stack applications.

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